Ringz is a song by Akiba Jonze, released as the second single from his fourth album NEPTVNE on March 20 2017.

Background and production Edit

“Ringz” was one of the last songs recorded for NEPTVNE before its release. It was chosen as the second single to be extracted from NEPTVNE and finally released on March 20 2017 through Mothermantra Records.

The single includes an intro, 2 remixes, a b-side and an outro.

Style Edit

The title track is an r’n’b song that features acoustic guitars, celesta and also relies heavily on Akiba’s vocals.

The lyrics to the song depict the forces of gravity between a natural satellite and its planet, as well as the Roche limit (a limit in the distance between a satellite and a planet whereupon the satellite disintegrates to form a ring of rocky and icy debris around the planet), as a metaphor for a romantic and sexual relationship.

The single includes 2 remixes (the sped-up “Icy Horizon Mix” and the chill out “Extended Annular Mix”) as well as an intro (“Roche Limit”) and an outro (“Prelude to a Submersion”), and is structured as a space journey through the rings of Neptune.

The b-side “About To Be Born” is a beatless ambient track with a dissonant beginning that grows into a more harmonious coda. Its lyrics deal with overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts to grow as a human being and become similar to a god.

Track listing Edit

  1. Roche Limit
  2. Ringz
  3. Ringz (Icy Horizon Mix)
  4. Ringz (Extended Annular Mix)
  5. About To Be Born
  6. Prelude to a Submersion