Realm of Rain is the third single by Akiba Jonze, released both as part of WEATNU Records's 1-year compilation and as a single on December 27 2015.

Background and production Edit

By the end of 2015, Akiba was approached by WEATNU Records to put out a track for an upcoming 1st year anniversary compilation by the label. Akiba had been planning to release an introductory album called "Worlds", containing both re-recorded versions of previously used chill out tracks and brand-new tracks, with one of those tracks being "Realm of Rain", which was chosen as the ideal track for the compilation.

Akiba had also re-recorded "Et Je Voyais les Vagues..." (originally from Océanide) with beats and guitar parts, and eventually decided to include it as a b-side on the single.

The single was released on December 27 2015 and had a good reception.

Style Edit

"Realm of Rain" is a chill out/world track using world beats over a continuous pad and sampled vocals, with celesta and guitar parts along the way.

"Et Je Voyais les Vagues..." retains the original choral-styled vocals from its first version, while also including beats and guitar parts.

Track listing Edit

  1. Realm of Rain
  2. Et Je Voyais les Vagues... (New Version)