NEPTVNE is the fourth album by Akiba Jonze. Released in January 2017, the album consists of 12 ocean-themed tracks set in Neptune, the eighth planet from the Sun. Three singles were extracted to promote the album: Moonscapes of Triton, Ringz and Sweet Escapism/Grooves of the Deep.

Background and production Edit

Following the release of Indigo, Akiba decided to expand upon the idea of space-themed albums into a whole series where each album would be set in a particular celestial body. Akiba thus decided to start with Neptune, the eighth planet from the Sun and devised it as an ocean-themed album, as Neptune is the god of the sea in Roman mythology. The recordings took place between October and December of 2016. NEPTVNE was finally released on January 2nd 2017 via Mothermantra Records

Style Edit

NEPTVNE is an ambient pop album, in the samestyle as Indigo and even Akash. It contains rhythmless songs like “Orbita Marina”, “Diamond Ocean” or “On Nereidian Shores” but also songs that feature chill out and pop beats, such as “Sweet Escapism”, “Moonscapes of Triton”, “Ringz” or “Marine Seduction”, as well as a cappella moments (“Song of the Deep” and “I Love You So…”)

NEPTVNE features instruments such as the piano, guitars, tubular bells and even the lyre (a first for Akiba), but relies heavily on Akiba’s vocals as his previous albums.

The lyrics of “NEPTVNE” deal with escapism, romantic relationships and mythology, and include references to celestial bodies in the planetary system of Neptune, such as neptunian moons Triton and Nereid, Neptune’s ring system, as well as other neptunian features such as Neptune’s methane ocean. 

Track listing Edit

  1. Orbita Marina
  2. Sweet Escapism
  3. Song of the Deep
  4. Methane Panthalassa
  5. Moonscapes of Triton
  6. On Nereidian Shores
  7. Marine Seduction
  8. Diamond Ocean
  9. Ringz
  10. I Love You So...
  11. Grooves of the Deep
  12. Endless Fantasy