Mothermantra Records is a netlabel created by Akiba Jonze to release his own records.

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In August 2015, Iñaki had signed with the now-defunct WEATNU Records netlabel to release his records. WEATNU released Droit de Règne: 2013-2015, Say Goodbye, Realm of Rain (as part of the netlabel's first-year compilation) and Akiba Jonze's debut album Akash.

Wanting more control over his own releases (as it had happened before with Khannonmusic Studios), Akiba decided in April 2016 to create his own netlabel, Mothermantra Records (named after the song "Mothermantra" from Akash) and subsequently re-released all of his records as Akiba Jonze, leaving Khannonmusic Studios for his previous releases as Iñaki.

Since the death of WEATNU Records, Mothermantra Records has become Akiba Jonze's only netlabel.

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