Mothermantra is a song by Akiba Jonze, released as the second single from his debut album Akash on April 17 2016.

Background and production Edit

"Mothermantra" was written by Akiba Jonze (while still under the stage name Iñaki) after a yoga lesson. It was originally to be released as part of Iñaki's 14th album, but Iñaki's change of stage name to Akiba Jonze altered the initial plans and instead became part of Akiba's debut album.

The song became the second single extracted from Akash, released on April 17 2016 and later re-released by Mothermantra Records (whose name was inspired by the actual song) in June 2016.

The single includes a remix, a vocal mix and the b-side "AJ-01".

Style Edit

The title track is of electro/techno style. The beats were programmed by Akiba by using beatbox samples arranged to mimic a techno-styled beat. As with "Samsāra", the song uses hang drum and acoustic guitar melodies as well as octaved vocal lines.

The lyrics deal with personal growth and also include bits of the Shakti Mantra in the choruses and the bridge.

The single includes the chill-out "Neverending Meditation Mix", a vocal mix and the chill-out/new age spoken word b-side "AJ-01", which contains psychedelic lyrics.

Track listing Edit

  1. Mothermantra
  2. Mothermantra (Neverending Meditation Mix)
  3. Mothermantra (Vocal Mix)
  4. AJ-01

Promotion Edit

Music video Edit

The music video was shot by Akiba Jonze himself. It is a psychedelic single-shot video of Akiba's mouth, singing the song in a blue light tunnel.

Live performances Edit

The song has been performed live in Akiba Jonze's 光 (Llum) concert at the Casa Rull House-Museum.