Moonscapes of Triton is a song by Akiba Jonze, released as the first single from his fourth album NEPTVNE on February 2 2017.

Background and production Edit

NEPTVNE was originally meant to be quite similar to Akiba’s previous album Indigo and Iñaki Barrocal’s 2011 album Océanide, containing beatless ambient tracks, but as Akiba recorded the original demo for “Moonscapes of Triton”, he realized the track sounded much better with the beats he was using than without them, so he left them and completely modified the concept behind the album itself. When NEPTVNE was released, Akiba immediately decided to use “Moonscapes of Triton” as the first single.

Akiba had expressed the need to return to Iñaki Barrocal’s more theatrical singles for Arachnida and Call Me “Your Majesty”, with an intro and an outro. It also includes two remixes and a b-side.

The single was released through Mothermantra Records on February 2 2017.

Style Edit

The title track is an ambient pop song that relies heavily on Akiba’s vocals but also makes use of a piano and acoustic guitar. On a vocal scale, the song makes heavy use of Akiba’s higher register, although coupled with another vocal line sung an octave lower.

The lyrics to the song deal with love and the courage brought forth by a relationship to face all of the tougher aspects of life.

The single includes 2 chill out remixes (the “Anger Management” and “Reverse Chill-Out” remixes), an intro (“Tritonian Orbit”) and an outro (“Annular Charm”), and it is structured as a journey through Neptune’s moon Triton.

The b-side, “Sing With Me”, is an a cappella track. Its lyrics deal with optimism and singing for all living beings.

Track listing Edit

  1. Tritonian Orbit
  2. Moonscapes of Triton
  3. Moonscapes of Triton (Anger Management Remix)
  4. Moonscapes of Triton (Reverse Chill-Out Remix)
  5. Sing With Me
  6. Annular Charm