MYLÈNIUM (Tribut a Mylène Farmer) was Akiba Jonze’s first concert. It consisted of various covers of French popstar Mylène Farmer.

Background Edit

In October 2015, Iñaki had changed his stage name to Akiba Jonze and was still working on his debut album Akash, which would come out in January 2016. Wanting to perform live before releasing Akash and feeling unprepared for an Akash-themed concert, he decided to perform a tribute concert to one of his influences, French popstar Mylène Farmer, at the La Fada Ignorant expression cafe. MYLÈNIUM also served as a presentation of Akash, as Iñaki sang Samsāra at the very end of the concert.

The concert was in a very similar format to that of EMPIREAL, using pre-recorded instrumentals and video projections.

MYLÈNIUM was very well received by the public, who praised Akiba’s vocal performance throughout the vocally demanding set list.

Set list Edit

  1. Introduction/L'Âme-Stram-Gram
  2. C'est une Belle Journée
  3. Oui mais... Non
  4. Redonne-moi
  5. Dans les Rues de Londres
  6. Point de Suture
  7. Bleu Noir
  8. Diabolique mon Ange
  9. Un Jour ou l'Autre...
  10. Samsāra