Litany C-432: Hidden Sant Climent is an experimental music piece by Akiba Jonze, released as the third and final single from his third album Chronostasis on November 12 2016.

Background and production Edit

During the Fall of 2015, as Iñaki changed his stage name to Akiba Jonze, he struggled to decide what his debut album would be. He had already worked on quite a few tracks for Akash, but felt it would be too complicated for a first album. He then worked on an unfinished project dubbed "Worlds", which would contain re-recorded versions of old tracks, as well as new ones ("Realm of Rain" being one of them). Having recorded "Suite nº1 for Mouth: Allegory of Time", Akiba expanded that project with a second music piece, which became "Caprice nº28: Submarine Microcosmos", but then the project was left on hold. Later on, the idea of completing Chronostasis resurfaced, and Akiba recorded a third piece inspired by the Andorran Romanesque church of Sant Climent de Pal, which became "Litany C-432". "Litany" was chosen as the third and final single in the promotion of Chronostasis and was released on November 12 2016.

Style Edit

"Litany C-432: Hidden Sant Climent" is a purely vocal ambiental piece mixing sung and spoken vocals. The piece contains gregorian-styled singing and spoken Catholic prayers.

Story/Track listing Edit

"Litany C-432: Hidden Sant Climent" depicts a pilgrimage-like journey to Sant Climent de Pal for an intimate moment of religious fervor. It is made of four movements:

The Climb depicts the harsh journey through the mountains of Pal towards the church, in the middle of a storm.

In Fervent Rosary the character enter the church and starts to pray, creating an atmosphere of religious fervor.

In Honest Prayer the character improvises a moment of sung fervor without words to express their deepest emotions.

In The Climb (Reprise) the character abandons the church, feeling fulfilled.