Indigo is the second album by Akiba Jonze. Released in June 2016, the album consists of 12 tracks dealing with Indigo Children, spirituality and evolution.

Background and production Edit

The idea of writing a second album came immediately to Akiba Jonze as he was completing the promotion of his debut album Akash. Akiba's original idea was to create a space-themed album which would be similar to Iñaki's 2011 album Océanide. The very first song to be created was "Crystal DNA". The remaining tracks were recorded in a two-month lapse (between May and June 2016), making Indigo Akiba's (and also Iñaki's) most quickly recorded album.

Indigo was released on June 30 2016 and quickly became Akiba Jonze's most downloaded album, as well as the most quickly downloaded (the first copy having been downloaded just minutes after it was uploaded). It was also the very first album to be released directly through Mothermantra Records.

Style Edit

Indigo is very similar to Iñaki's 2011 album Océanide: rhythmless, almost aleatory and mainly all-vocal (except for a pad drone bass).

The album is structured as a sonic journey through space, starting with a countdown in "Indigo" and arriving to its destination in "Proxima Centauri". The various tracks mix sung and spoken vocals, and songs like "Crystal DNA", "Currents from Beyond" and "Greater Consciousness" often make use of final crescendos through the progressive inclusion of more and more vocal layers to the final mix. Indigo contains a mixture of new age and experimental music, with experimental tracks such as "The Great Void" or "Prayer nº92-B". The track "Nobody Sleep" was a previous composition of Iñaki's and contains a reversed lullaby rendition of Giacomo Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot.

The recurring themes of the album are space, spiritual evolution, Indigo Children and the achievement of a greater level of consciousness.

Track listing Edit

  1. Indigo
  2. Crystal DNA
  3. Earth to Sky
  4. How Many Worlds
  5. Cosmic Calling
  6. Prayer nº92-B
  7. Currents from Beyond
  8. Nobody Sleep
  9. The Great Void
  10. Further...
  11. Greater Consciousness
  12. Proxima Centauri