Forbidden Love (Laudate Dominum) is the second single by Akiba Jonze, released on November 30 2015.

Background and production Edit

Akiba Jonze had previously released Say Goodbye as his first single. In anticipation of his upcoming debut album, the idea of a second single came into fruition with the creation of "Forbidden Love (Laudate Dominum)". A remix of the title track was also created.

The single was released on November 30 2015.

Style Edit

The title track is very similar to "Crucify Me" from Iñaki's album Empireo: a chill out track with religious overtones an sexually explicit lyrics. It also included gregorian-styled chants from the Psalm 117 ("Laudate dominum omnes gentes/Laudate eum omnes populis", i.e. "Praise the Lord, all ye nations/Praise Him, all ye people").

The "Slightly Esoteric Mix" is of trip hop/chill out style with reversed gregorian chants from the original tracks and piano sections.

Track listing Edit

  1. Forbidden Love (Laudate Dominum)
  2. Forbidden Love (Slightly Esoteric Mix)