光 (Llum) was a concert by Akiba Jonze to promote his debut album Akash.

Background Edit

Akiba Jonze had been considering to do a live performance to support Akash, but the idea wasn't developed until he was approached by the Andorran Ministry of Culture to perform for the European Museum Night in May 2016.

The original structure for the concert was similar to that of EMPIREAL, i.e. to mix new age and technology, but the history of the venue itself - the 17th-century House-Museum of Casa Rull in Sispony - forced Akiba to reconsider the concept behind the live performance, leading to a mixture of new age and nature.

Concert synopsis Edit

Act 1: Buddha core Edit

The show started with images of a forest as an instrumental version of "Words" played in the background. The screen would then show a giant golden mandala as Akiba sang "Samādhi". Akiba would then sing "Samsāra", "Mothermantra" and "Hippie-Happy" as their corresponding music videos played in the background.

Act 2: Heavenly intermission Edit

The act would start with "Firebird" as a giant, deep red phoenix showed in the background. Then, Akiba would sing "Shekhinah" in front of a green aurora borealis and then "Kiss..." as the background showed the music video for "You're Just Mine".

Act 3: Finale Edit

The final act started with "Holy Light" as a multi-colored plasma ball showed in the background. Then came "Into the Edge", sung in front of a star cluster, and finally "Words", as the background showed a cherry tree moving with the wind.

Reception Edit

光 (Llum) was very well received by the public. It managed to fill the whole venue and sparked several positive comments, both for Akiba's vocals and for the general concept of the performance.

Set list Edit

  1. Introduction: Words
  2. Samādhi
  3. Samsāra
  4. Mothermantra
  5. Hippie-Happy
  6. Firebird
  7. Shekhinah
  8. Kiss...
  9. Holy Light
  10. Into the Edge
  11. Words